Copper Restored!

Remember the other day when I said I was researching working with brass and copper in addition to silver and gold?  Well, I learned a really cool homemade pickle- that also doubles as a cleaner for copper and brass (I find it works better, or at least more impressively on copper).  Very cheap and easy: 2 parts peroxide and 3 parts white vinegar.  simple- right?!?!?  I had a bunch of old copper wire- and I mean a whole lot- that was pretty scuzzy and I was thinking it would be annoying and time-consuming to clean to do anything with it.  I put it in this solution and viola’ shiny, bright copper.  This is a great thing to learn since copper is so completely “in” right now.  SWEET!!!

copper workbench photoThe shapes on the left are “before” and the ones on the right are “after.”  I got so excited about how clean and shiny things were getting that I stayed up waaaay too late making more shapes and watching the pickle cleaner turn blue, sometimes even getting fizzy and scummy- so cool!  Now what should I make with these shapes (I hammered the hearts, but it sounded like I was waking Rory up with the noise so I stopped)?  I’m thinking of putting some on leather straps and making some into bangles with hammered wire so they look cool in a grouping on your wrist.